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Amber D. Lucsay

Atty. Amber D. Lucsay has been practicing law in southern Wisconsin for 12 years.  She practices criminal defense in Dane and surrounding counties, including misdemeanors and felonies on both the state and federal level. Her defense work also includes probation and parole revocations, and those facing revocation in addition to new charges in criminal court. 

Immigration Law

Madison, Wisconsin Immigration Attorneys A Powerful Advocate for Immigrants in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S.  Each year tens of thousands of foreign nationals seek to join family members in the United States or struggle to remain lawfully on U.S. soil.  But U.S. immigration laws are complicated and often confusing.  As a result, many non-citizens and […]

Family Law

Madison, Wisconsin Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Divorce consistently ranks as one of life’s most stressful events. When divorce is coupled with a dispute over child custody, placement or support, the emotional toll is even higher.  It can be difficult to put one foot in front of the other during these times, much less make […]

Jen Hanna

Graduating cum laude from the University of Wisconsin Law School, Attorney Jen Hanna is the founder of Holevoet & Hanna, LLC. Having gained significant experience through serving countless clients, we often refer to Jen as our Yoda. Not only is she exceptionally insightful, but she also manages to be patient while everything tries to grab her attention.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions Are you facing an Impairing Driving Charge? We represent people throughout Wisconsin in all types of criminal cases in both state and federal court. Contact us if you or your loved one is charged with the following: